Upcoming Retreats

Community Experience

November 30th - December 5th

Enjoy 6 days (5 nights) of daily sunrise Yoga and meditation, intro to living Permaculture, nutritional community cooking, sharing circles (men´s and women´s circles), herb baths, jungle mud baths, cacao ceremony, exploration of neighbor farms, waterfall hike, fire and music etc.

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Permaculture Experience

December 11th - 17th

Come and live Permaculture in a different way in our community setting. In this 7 day (6 nights) event you will be introduced to Permaculture theory and design through classes and practical integration. Workshops include permaculture philosophy and design principles, ecology, tropical plant diversity, natural building techniques (adobe), composting techniques (Bokashi) and many more!

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Community Solstice and Christmas Celebration

December 20th - 26th

You want to celebrate Christmas with a soul family? Join our community for these days. Apart from being part of several community activities, you have the opportunity to take part in daily sunrise Yoga and meditation, our solstice sharing circle and celebration (21st), a healthy vegetarian Christmas feast (24th) and new moon intention setting with Cacao (25th).

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Community New Years Celebration

Dec 28th - Jan 2nd

You are looking for a calm and intentional space to start the new year? At Aloha we will be celebrating the new year with ... daily yoga and meditation, sharing circles, new year reflection and intention setting, creative purpose workshops, cacao ceremony with despacho, and music and dance celebrations!

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