About Aloha

Who We Are

At Aloha, the whole community was born through something of divine providence, a calling from the Universe, an ability to read the signs and a willingness to respond to them. We believe that there are no coincidences, that realising this dream is what we are destined to do here on this earth.


Jason came to Colombia as a traveler, hailing from Canada. He found himself searching for a deeper meaning to life, for a way to dedicate himself to something which had true significance. Through his communion with entheogenic plants he also realised that living in close harmony with the land was calling him, and when he arrived at Aloha he knew that he could achieve this dream.


Max, originally from England, arrived in Colombia with the hopes of creating a school of permaculture, and with dreams of building a bridge between modern concepts and technology and the ancestral wisdom and heart opening plants of the indigenous tribes of South America. He is committed to empowering people to grow their own food, to build their own dwellings, and to nurture individual freedom through voluntary cooperative action.


Rike came as a response to the call for more feminine energy on the farm. Aloha immediately felt like home to her when she first arrived in December 2016 and it has been since. Apart from her passions: yoga, exploring nature and walking barefoot, she has grown in the community holding women´s circles, giving Yoga classes and cooking delicious vegan food. The healing power of community, nature and the Sacred Medicines have allowed her to live a dream she had never imagined living when she started her travels in Colombia.