Our Community

At Aloha, we feel that living in community is one of the most influential opportunities for growth. Through the constant feedback loop provided while living and working with a close group of people, we continually learn more about ourselves than we would ever imagine. Although many people who visit or stay at Aloha share similar perspectives, beliefs and visions, the individuality of each person is respected and celebrated. We encourage the sharing of knowledge, skills, wisdom and perspectives, and appreciate the personal expansion it facilitates. From this individual growth, a strong and cohesive community is born.

Each day is dynamic here at Aloha. We always have projects on the go, personally and collectively, and on large and small scales. With this, and the regular flow of new faces walking through the door, comes the opportunity to learn and experience something new every day. We stand by the motto “Come to teach, come to be taught” - and we invite you to do just that. Whether you’re joining us for a night or a month, please come as you are, offer what you have to teach and be ready to receive the bountiful gifts that community life has to give.

Giving Back

With our belief in community comes our desire to connect with and give back to the people in our region. Our ventures so far have included offering employment opportunities to members of the extended community, purchasing supplies for local schools, facilitating yoga classes for people in the region, collaborating on maintaining shared infrastructure, purchasing produce from neighbours and partnering with local businesses. We also work alongside and support various indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada, the Heart of The World, growing with the knowledge they carry and co-protecting this sacred land.

Experience Our Community

Be Our Guest

We welcome you to come and spend time with us here at Aloha. If you need a beautiful space to rest, relax and connect with nature, we invite you to enjoy our beautiful land and facilities as a guest. You’re welcome to spend time alone, or immerse yourself with the community as much as you desire. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Discover Our Space

Join Our Team

If you’re seeking a rewarding community experience, to put your hands in the earth and help out with our farm, ongoing projects and daily operations, we invite you to come and spend time with us as a volunteer. Please contact us for more information.