Permaculture Design Course

February 25th - March 8th

Our PDC is a 72- hour format based on the Permaculture Designers Manual by Bill Mollison. The course consists of theory as well as a practical implementation of the gained knowledge. In this course you will receive the basic concepts of Permaculture, its history, ethics and principles.

Our focus will be the design process which you can use to create your own projects wherever in the world you may be. You will also learn about; soils, how to increase fertility through composting methods and natural fertilizers; water management; bio-construction; seeds, trees and plants; natural patterns and how they can be used in design. Apart from that we will be instructing you in the use of additional tools and methods regarding social and systemic thinking.

About the Facilitator

Kai Martinez, born in Spain, has more than ten years of Permaculture experience. Whilst working on several projects, one of Kai´s focuses has always been to develop communities on the social level, deeply inspired by his background knowledge of family constellation and systemic work. As a co-founder and ambassador of the Permacultura Ibera Academy of Spain, Kai has facilitated and co-facilitated many PDC events, drawing particular importance to the conservation of ancestral wisdom, in combination with the needs of the world today.


Food- Vegetarian Menu (please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions)

Sleep- Beautiful Cabanas with Open Mountain and Ocean View (each cabana has 4 dorm style single beds with bug nets and a semi private loft above for couples)

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