Sacred Medicine Retreat

December 9th - 19th

We invite you to join us for our transformational 10 day Sacred Medicine Retreat. Over the past five years, we have designed an immersive experience that allows participants to dive deep into self-exploration, expansion and empowerment in a community setting. Throughout the week we will provide a guided process toward greater self-awareness, embracing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

During the course of this retreat, we will be hosting a variety of workshops and activities including Purpose Spark workshops, daily sunrise yoga and meditation, men’s and women’s circles, evening sacred fires with music, natural plant cleanses and two Yagé (traditional Colombian ayahuasca) ceremonies. This retreat will provide a safe space for you to go deep within yourself to gain an increased understanding of who you are and where to guide your life path.


This retreat will be held at our sister community, El Tejido, in San Gil. Accommodations are dorm-style beds in sustainably-built cabañas (cabins) (linen provided). The farm utilises ecological toilets and showers, so please bring only completely organic products. The community is situated next to a beautiful river, which you are welcome to bathe in and enjoy. Please feel free to make use of the volleyball court and explore the ongoing permaculture and sustainable building projects around the property.


All meals are included in this retreat. The diet will follow traditional guidelines in preparation for the Yagé ceremonies. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements; we will be happy to accommodate.


About Ayahuasca

One of our greatest intentions is to provide a safe space for people seeking this medicine. Toward the end of the retreat, two Yagé ceremonies will be facilitated by Colombian brothers, Miguel and Luis Rios. We have been working with Miguel and Luis for the past 5 years and together they have almost 20 years of experience working with ayahuasca. This sacred Amazonian medicinal tea is brewed out of the Caapi vine and the Chacruna leaf. The medicine works on the physical, mental and emotional planes, providing a unique experience for each individual who partakes. Prior to the ceremonies, each participant will have the opportunity to have a personal interview with our facilitators.

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About Purpose Spark

Purpose Spark is a guided self-awareness process using a model of small group sharing and listening. The workshop exists to open the space for people to take back their own identity and design their dream life by asking the right questions. Through this experience, we explore our past, create our present, and step toward a future full of possibility. By the end of the course, each person will have created a step by step blue print of the curriculum to be able to continue the work in their day to day lives.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be asking yourself… “What else is possible?!”

About the Facilitator


These retreats have a tendency to book out, so advanced booking is recommended. Spaces are limited to keep the retreats intimate. To reserve a space for this retreat, please contact us via the attached contact form or via email We will post a full schedule of events as the retreat approaches.

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Please consider…

Some medications or physical or mental health conditions are not compatible with the ayahuasca medicine. For your own wellbeing, please reach out to us prior to registering if you are taking any prescription medications or have had any physical or mental health conditions. Any women who might be on their moon time (menstruating) during the dates of the ceremonies, please contact us to receive further information.


We are happy to answer any further questions. Please contact us via email, at