The Space

Aloha offers several varieties of retreats, ceremonies and rituals. Our commitment for each of these events is to provide a secure space for healing and the acquisition of self knowledge, to offer the most nutritious and delicious veg(etari)an food under the Sun, and to provide welcoming and comfortable accommodation to pass the night in well earned rest.


With a ten metre diameter, our recently completed temple offers the largest covered space on the farm. A fire pit in the middle creates a magical atmosphere for reflection, prayer, celebration and coming together. Our temple is the central space for ceremonies, workshops, sharing circles, yoga, playtime, relaxing in hammocks.. the possibilities are endless!


As a community, we value meal time as an opportunity to come together as a family. From our fully-equipped kitchen, we provide three vegan/vegetarian meals per day, accounting for the individual needs of community members and guests alike. We are developing our farm with the goal to produce most of our ingredients on-site, with our harvest supplemented by the local produce from our neighbouring farmers. We also hold various nutritional workshops, including fermentation classes and germination demonstrations, in order to share the knowledge we have gained in providing a nutritious and balanced diet. Please be aware our kitchen is closed to guests, but we are happy to assist if you have any special requests.



Facing the west, our three cabanas (cabins) feature stunning views over the rolling mountains, down to the lakes of Cienaga, out to the ocean and as far as the eye can see. Each cabin holds two bunk beds protected by mosquito nets and a hammock for relaxing and enjoying the view. All are equipped with power sockets and personal lockers for your convenience, as well as roll down rain protectors to keep things dry in the wet season.

Loft (semi-private)

Above the dorms are semi-private loft spaces with a double bed protected by a mosquito net. Suitable for a couple, these spaces share the view over Sierra Nevada mountains and down to the coast.

Indigenous Hut (private)

With a double bed protected by a mosquito net, our private, stand-alone indigenous hut is ideal for a couple wanting to enjoy some personal space. Power sockets and hanging space for clothes are available for your convenience.


We share a bathroom comprised of two dry toilets and two hot showers. The toilets function in a closed cycle whereby no waste is produced and the organic materials are converted into a rich compost for the gardens. Our showers are heated by a passive solar tank fitted with inductive glass tubing, allowing community members to take a hot shower at any time of the day without any external energy input other than the sun.

Hammock Hut

In this space, we have several hammocks overhanging a beach-style sand floor. It is an excellent alternative to the temple when you wish to relax, study or have a rewarding conversation. With smaller groups or events, this space is sometimes preferable to the temple for its intimate atmosphere.

Lounge Space

We have two lounge spaces where everyone is welcome to hang out: one outside the main house and one inside. There is also a bookcase which you are welcome to borrow from during your stay. Although we encourage disconnection from technology and media, we occasionally offer documentary or movie evenings as a community activity and opportunity for learning.